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When Fashion Meets Movie

Soulpro – What is Soulpro?
Soulpro is a documentary project of full-length movie on a fashion line by Tony Vainuku. This project will follow a journey of a clothing line from its beginning through its success or failure. Soulpro clothing line is launched to become the main point of this documentary film.

Soupro – HAVE YOU HEARD? It’s quite a shame if you haven’t heard about it since this is one of the most happening clothing lines today and you will be more surprised that this clothing line is part of a documentary movie project. The project is to make a feature-length film about a clothing line. It will follow the journey of the clothing line from the very beginning of its establishment through its success or even failure. This clothing line has been launching its products online and draws a massive attention of people from many different backgrounds worldwide.

Soulpro – What is… I am… Are You? Who is the one behind this project? That person is Salt Lake City native Tony Vainuku. He recalls himself find his passion as an entrepreneur since young age when he awarded as “entrepreneur of the year” on his seventh grade’s business marketing class and from that he began to reveal his huge talent in music making and producing where his impressive works heard and appreciated by producers in NYC. The milestone of Soulpro was on 2006, when Tony, on his sophomore year of college, started Soulprofile Productions, a multimedia company serving wedding videos, web promos, and music editing until he was able to start his first feature length project in 2009 about Polynesians who come to this country for college and NFL. The movie titled Football We Trust is planned to be launched this football season.

It won’t be easy to guess that the brand of Soulpro came from the name of Soulprofile. Rather than doing documentary on an established fashion line, Tony decided to start a new one from literary scratch. It began with T shirt concept and offered it online. It was a huge surprise that even without any final product ready, they could sell more than 100 products in five days generated more than $2,000. This August, Soulpro will be celebrating its first anniversary and a huge event “the Soulpro experience” will mark the milestore. This Soulpro in Park City, UT event will become first BMX/skate, live music, and “Passion Stations” in the city. This event will include music engineering, celebrity signings, and art for all ages.


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