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Quindici Bags and Briefcases – Affordable quality leather

Quindici Bags

Browse Quindici for any luggage, briefcases and holdalls that you need. This brand designs strong and durable bags made from high quality leathers. With twenty five years of experience, the designers at Quindici know what looks good and what suits your needs. Quindici offers four different types of leather to choose from, so you can decide which one from this range of textures most suits your tastes and needs. Not only briefcases and holdalls, there are also wallets, garment carriers and luggage for sale here. The good reputation that goes along with the Quindici brand has been well earned over a long period of time, and these bags are built to last.

The functional elegance of the bags at Quindici is perfect for people who need a briefcase to take to work every day, for hand luggage on planes, for weekend bags or laptop cases, all of which are understated but will stand the test of time. In black and brown leather, these collections are both stylish and practical and will never look out of place with any outfit. With a wide range of choices and different qualities of leather to choose from, Quindici offers an excellent range of products to suit your needs. At Quindici, the characteristics of the leather are the first things that are taken into account when creating a new design, and the shapes and styles are designed to suit the leather to ensure a flawless finish, and a creation that will last. After this, the finishing touches are added to give a subtle character to the briefcase or holdall.

The prices at Quindici reflect the quality of the design and materials without being too expensive. Quindici briefcases start at very reasonable prices from one hundred and fifty pounds. The prices are well suited to the years of experience and dedication that has gone into producing these bags and the careful handling of the quality materials that are used. A Quindici bag is an excellent purchase for anyone looking for practicality combined with graceful style that will never look out of place. Browse Quindici bags for a personal and special gift for a friend, or treat yourself to one of these products for something that will last a lifetime! For further deals and details, please visit

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