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Useful Tips to Buy Your Girl’s First Communion Dresses

First Communion Dresses
Getting the first communion dresses can be one of the unforgettable moments of a girl, so prepare it well. Think about your daughter and what’s important to prevent frustration and anxiety on her sacred moment. You will need to know the do’s and don’ts before buying her first communion dresses. This article will give you that, keep on reading!

First Communion is a special event and special clothing is a must. Common color for the first communion dress is white (which means purity). Check the requirement of your daughter dress from the parish. What type of dress is required (e.g. certain length and sleeves or maybe traditional one). If you want to express your own style, try to blend in with others in your area. Fancy dresses and veil is common but not what’s most important. Also, focus on the meaning of that day.

Knowing the requirements, discuss it with your child. Listen to what she wants and fears before shopping. Then you can decide which one that will make everyone happy.

Beautiful Taffeta DressYou need to shop early, maybe in early January or late December is great. If you shop later than this, you usually have fewer choices and can only buy what’s available. If you do shop early and find what you (or your daughter) want, get it home at least 1 month before the Communion date. Don’t wait until last minute because on the First Communion season the sizes and styles are rapidly disappearing.

Know your daughter’s sizes and get the one that fit her. You can look at the size tag, but it will be better if you get her to try it first and don’t follow her previous size. Good fit dress will make your child feel comfortable wearing the dress and thus brings good appearance.

If the dress needs to be altered, make appointment about 3 to 4 weeks before Communion date to bring it to perfection.

Getting accessories is also a good idea, but again check the requirements. Choose the right stockings, petticoat, veil, or shoes and maybe gloves (if granted by the parish). Small earrings and a family lovely necklace would also be perfect.

Now that she has a great dress and a unforgettable moment, don’t forget to take pictures. Do it discretely and be careful with the camera flash. Pictures will make it even more unforgettable about how good she is in that dress you chose and that moment of hers.

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  1. Getting the requirements for First Communion as soon as possible from the RE instructor will save you a lot of headaches. It’s my experience that many parishes wait until a few weeks before the sacrament to inform the parents about the requirements. Ask for them as soon as you’re ready to shop. Ideally in January for a spring First Communion.

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