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Crisp and Cool – Top Mens Shirt Styles This Summer

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Women may think they have the monopoly on intricate fashions but it’s not true. Men’s shirts can be every bit as vast and confusing as wedge heels or asymmetric hem lines. There are so many different styles to choose from – it can be difficult to know which will be appropriate for which season, let which alone which ones are currently on trend. There’s the humble T-shirt, the crew neck, the sweater, the vest, the Chambray and a dozen other styles for the modern man to sift through.

So which styles are currently making waves in the men’s shirts world of fashion? Which ones will turn heads on the street? That’s what you want – admit it. If you’re going to catch that pretty barmaid’s eye you’re going to have to pull out all the stops and here’s how you do it.


Portrait of a Scandinavian young man, SwedenIt is all about printed tees this summer. Adam Welch from the Independent points out that if there’s one look you need to jump on the bandwagon for, it’s this one. Every wardrobe should contain at least four or five quality printed T-shirts. Make them bold and make them cool. If you’re a confident guy, go for striking graphic designs that don’t pull any punches.

If you prefer to be a little more demure – go for a simple black and white photographic print. They look super classic and can feature anything from a nude Kate Moss to a retro Marlon Brando.  If you’re planning to rock the printed tee at a festival this summer, it might be a good idea to pick out some lightweight V-necks.


Chambray ShirtAccording to Men’s Health magazine, the Chambray shirt never goes out of style – it’s been wicked cool since the late 1960’s. Once a staple of tousle haired movie gods like Paul Newman and Steve McQueen, the Chambray is now the shirt of choice for discerning gentlemen who know how to dress well. It’s extremely lightweight and very versatile. Team it with skinny denims and a pair of vintage Sunnis and you’re good to go – don’t forget to roll those sleeves up to the elbow like the stars of old.

Cotton Jerseys  

Cotton JerseysJust because it’s supposed to be summertime, doesn’t mean the sun will make an appearance – not here in the UK anyway. On those breezy days, it’s a good idea to wear a lightweight sweater or jersey. It needs to be light and casual enough to whip off and hang over the shoulder if it gets too hot, but not too thin that it has you shivering all afternoon.

Cotton jerseys are great for this. They weigh next to nothing and they’re super breathable so they can be worn without a T-shirt underneath. An all cotton shirt feels great on hot summer skin too – ask that girl from the bar if she wants to find out just how great.

Short Sleeved Shirts

Short Sleeved ShirtsThe short sleeved shirt isn’t exactly unfashionable – it’s just ignored, misunderstood. Instead of going for tailored shirts with short sleeves, most men simply wear T-shirts. This is a shame because the short sleeved shirt is a great way to mix formal and casual. It looks rather dapper but it doesn’t stray into overdressed territory, says Fashion Beans journalist Matt Allinson.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, it comes in a million and one different styles and patterns. Why not try a short sleeved Aztec shirt? They’re setting the catwalks alive right now and they’re bound to be all the rage at this year’s run of festivals.


Author Bio: Emily Steves is an international fashion editor and journalist. She recommends Blue Inc for a great selection of men’s shirts. Emily can be found at different fashion events around the country.


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