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Are Men Becoming More Experimental With Fashion?

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The modern man is unrecognizable from that of 100 years ago. Today it is accepted that men as well as women will take a degree of pride in the way they look. A man who puts effort into his appearance is no longer seen as out of the ordinary.

21st century man

In this digital age, we are bombarded with images every minute of the day, through the TV, internet, social and printed media. Twitter feeds buzz with news of the latest trends and discussions of what to wear and how to pull off a look and fashion is big business for both sexes. Men traditionally embraced a low key approach to their appearance, however in the 21st century these rules have flown right out of the window. Look down any high street and you will notice men showcasing a myriad of eclectic, often highly experimental styles.

Fashion forward

Designer Mens ShoesFrom retro styling to ultra-modern fashion fads, nothing is off limit and the clothes available reflect this. Retailers are reporting a surge in the demand for both classic and high fashion clothes and online sites are doing a roaring trade. Sales of designer clothes are off the scale and if you look down as you walk you will notice a fantastic array of designer mens shoes literally at your feet.

Disposable income

Men are spending more money on their wardrobes than ever before, no longer subscribing to the worn old cliché of hanging around changing rooms bored out of their minds while their wives try on endless outfits. These days it seems it is more likely to be the other way round. It’s a fact – modern men love to shop.

Celebrity style

Our celebrity obsessed culture has definitely played a part in this trend, as men try to emulate those that they admire. As male celebrities flock to London fashion week to view the new trends we can conclude that fashion is no longer an exclusively feminine preoccupation. Celebrity-endorsed ranges fly out of the shops, but that is not to say that men are dressing like clones, far from it. Just as women enjoy experimenting with fashion to express their own unique sense of self, men are now joining the party and are communicating with the world through their individual style.

Work and play

As workplaces dress codes increasingly become more relaxed, men feel freer to experiment with styling. There was a time when every respectable man went off to work in a three piece suit and a briefcase and would ‘dress down’ at weekends by removing their tie. These days are far behind us now. As men dress more casually for work, they will inevitably try pushing fashion boundaries further in their down time in order to differentiate between work and play.

There has never been a more exciting time for men experiment with their style, particularly as a whole new look is just the click of a mouse away. When it comes to experimental fashion, the sky’s the limit for the modern man.

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