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Summer Season: Stripes, Shades and Shoes

Summer Season Fashion Tips

Putting together clothes for the summer season means taking a look at some major new trends for men, as well as at the best accessories and options for footwear for 2013. In the former, this means checking out the trend for stripes, and how they can be used for everything from t-shirts to men’s sweaters. It’s also worth investigating the latest sunglasses trends, as well as what shoes are best for handling the summer sun. What should you be focusing on for your summer wardrobe?

Striped Trends

Striped TrendsOne of the advantages of going with stripes is that they can be simple but effective in adding shape to your clothes. You can also use stripes as an easy way to mix up colours and patterns elsewhere in items. T-shirts are a good starting place for experimenting with stripes, with brands to look out for including Dissident and BC London. You can also find striped work shirts and jackets that can act as statement items.

Other items that can benefit from stripes include blazers, which can worn in lightweight forms during the summer, and can work particularly well with tailored shorts and bolder stripes that reference 1980s fashions. It’s even possible to use stripes with lightweight knitwear in the summer, which can then be matched up to white shirts and understated trousers.


Men Wear SunglassesMajor trends for sunglasses this summer include retro items like aviators, as well as tortoiseshell glasses. Brands to watch out for include Twisted Soul, Oliver Goldsmith, Vans, and Dior Homme, with options to mix up your collection by investing in a few statement pairs alongside day to day glasses for the beach.Shades can also be set off by fedoras, and can be worn with retro inspired chinos and plain white t-shirts for an excellent summer look.


ShoesWhat are some of the best shoes that you can look for this summer? In terms of combining fashion with practicality, canvas shoes and espadrilles can represent good alternatives to flip flops for hot weather. Espadrilles are particularly useful if you want a shoe that can be slipped on and off when on the beach; thicker canvas versions can be used for day to day wear, while cotton espadrilles can be a good idea if you’re not going to be doing any heavy walking.

It’s also worth looking into summer shoes like Twisted Soul suede chukka boots and wedge boots, as well as classic trainers and plimsolls. Slip on shoes with round toes can be worn to show off bright colours, and can be worn with cuffed jeans and chinos. Classic brogues are also a good idea if you want a pair of shoes that are going to be durable enough to stand a lot of walking, but that’ll still be comfortable in the summer heat.

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