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Watches To Wear For Different Occasions

Everyday Watch
Accessories are an important factor to a woman’s outfit and they sometimes even make the outfit. A watch to some is just an item to wear to keep track of time (which is, of course, its main purpose) or to some it’s to make their wrists less bare. To others, it is to flaunt a decent payslip or the perfect present from a perfect husband. Whatever the purpose wearing a watch can be an important part of an outfit in certain occasions, if worn right.

Everyday Watch

Everyday watches are best if they are durable for the hectic daily duties, especially if around hyper kids, as you don’t want it to break easily when packing the toys away or when doing the washing up. It is also, for this reason, a good idea for it to be slightly water resistant just in case. In terms of size, make it small as you most likely aren’t trying to impress anyone and if it’s too big it will just get in the way.

Work Watch

Work WatchA watch that is worn for work should make a statement and show that you mean business. It helps for it to have a larger face to stand out and if you have the cash to spare, it’s good to spend more than you usually would on one. Some might be against this idea, but it makes you look very good if you’re in a meeting with wealthy and important people and you have a £1,500 watch on your wrist. It also makes you look dominant in an interview and might help to boost your confidence.

Sports Watch

Sports WatchSome might gasp and exclaim “Wearing a watch for sports, what’s the point in that?!” yet there are women who do sports daily and/or do it as their main job. In this case, wearing a regular watch is quite difficult if it’s not a sports specialized one.  Sports watches are durable, resistant to water and shock and comfortable to wear. It doesn’t matter what size or what colour it is, as long as it has the right functions for your chosen sport. If it is a watch that you would wear a lot and you live and breathe sports, then I recommend spending good money on a decent branded sports watch.

Formal Occasion Watch

Formal Occasion WatchLooking a million dollars when out at a fancy party or a wedding is every girl’s dream, but it doesn’t have to cost that much for it to be so. Wearing a simple and thin watch that has a few diamonds on is all that is needed for you to look amazing. It doesn’t have to be large and completely obvious on your wrist, save that for the dress, but it is best to have it look effortless yet elegant.

Watches are an item worn daily, and so there is no harm in matching it with what you plan to wear in the day. They can both look fashionable and be very useful for time-keeping and can be dressed up or down.

All photos are from The Watch Gallery.

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